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The most dangerous type of heart block is complete ventricular block, in which the number of impulses per minute is reduced to 30 or less, while in a healthy person this figure is 60-80. If the gap between the impulses arising in the ventricles increases, the person loses consciousness, he begins to have convulsions, and it is quite possible that in this case this pathology will cause his death. Also, this pathological condition is permanent and transient, that is, in the first case, the violation of impulses is irreversible, and in the second, it either arises or disappears, and the heart works normally. Boththe type of pathology is clearly visible on the ECG, therefore it is the ECG that is the main diagnostic criterion for heart block.

To date, there is an expanded classification of such a pathology as heart block. In particular, the disease can be of several types depending on the location: sinoauricular; ventricular; blockade inside the atria; antroventricular; blockade of the legs of Hiss. Pathology is also classified according to the strength of development and according to this criterion there can be three degrees. In the first degree, impulses to the organ continue to pass, but with a delay. In the second degree, the impulses partially stop, and in the third degree, a certain section of the heart muscle completely ceases to be innervated.

To more accurately describe the symptoms of this pathological condition, it is necessary to consider its most common varieties. A common pathology is blockade of the right leg of the heart. Most often, this phenomenon occurs against the background of other cardiac pathologies, for example, hypertension, heart defects and cardiosclerosis. Usually this variety is observed in men aged 40 years, and its symptoms are characterized by certain ECG indicators, since there is no pathology clinic. 


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Left heart block is usually diagnosed in the elderly. In fairness, it must be said that this type of heart block is less common than others. Blockade of the left leg occurs in people over the age of 50 in 9% of cases of all blockades. Often, the pathology is accompanied by myocardial infarction, exacerbating the signs of the underlying disease. In particular, the symptoms of pathology are as follows: complaints of chest pain; feeling of panic; weakness; cold and clammy sweat.

During diagnostic ECG, signs of myocardial infarction are determined. Blockade of the left ventricle of the heart is a serious pathology that can lead to death. This disease has three degrees, and according to the type of flow, such blockades are acute, transient and chronic. The clinic of such a pathology as blockade of the left ventricle of the heart may be asymptomatic, with the detection of the disease only with the help of an ECG, and specific signs may also develop, for example, fainting, the development of heart and coronary insufficiency.

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